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Vintage Flash


While modern porn is great and all, sometimes it is a good idea to spin back the clock and do things like they were done in the good old days, which is exactly what is doing. All of the adult content that you can find on this site is done in vintage fashion, from the standards of their models to the clothes they are wearing, but not when it comes to video quality.

Amazing design

When it comes to the site’s design, it is definitely one of those that everyone could learn from. Upon your first visit, you will be able to tell what the site is all about, and you can easily navigate through it, finding everything that interests you. At no point you are going to wonder where to go in order to access something, and that is how every site should be, especially one with a membership.

Easy registration

It is possible to get a free tour of the site, which shows just enough to spice up your interest for the content that it offers, however, you will not get to watch any videos or browse through any galleries that the site offers.

In order to do that, you will have to sign up for a membership. Unfortunately, there is no trial membership which could slightly expand the free tour, and you will have to go for a full membership that lasts 30 days and costs $29.95. In case you want to save some money, it is possible to go for the $99.95 membership that lasts 120 days instead.

Lots of retro-style content

All of the content that you can find of the site is following the vintage guidelines, which means that the models are on a more average looking perspective, instead of the slim athletic type that you can find in a lot of adult videos these days.

The majority of models are middle aged women or younger moms, and they all love to pose in lingerie, pantyhose, stockings, and high heels. All of the videos are solo performances, and while most of them revolve around teasing, some of them involve masturbation as well.

When it comes to the quantity of videos that you can find, there are hundreds of videos, and along with that, thousands of images related to the sets of those videos. All of the videos are in HD, with the newest ones being in 4K, and the images are in high-resolution.

Bonus sites

By registering for a membership, you will also get access to a couple of bonus sites that revolve around the similar vintage/retro theme, which will give you more than enough content to browse through for quite a while. Even if you manage to go through all the content, the updates come quite often. All of the videos at and other sites can be downloaded to your device, so if you want to enjoy some vintage-type porn videos with hot babes in lingerie, then this site is definitely for you.

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Paysite Info:

Paysite Name: Vintage Flash

Video count: 1000's

Photo count: 10,000's

Price 30 days: 29.95

Price 90 days: 99.95

Video streaming: Yes

Unique content: Yes

Categories: Stocking fetish

Live shows: No

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