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British Bratz


Are you tired of looking at horny beauties servicing men in your porn videos? Do you want to see women take over control and treat you like you are insignificant and beneath them? If so, then is the perfect place for you, as it features sexy British babes who are way out of your league, and they know it. They are going to make you feel addicted, and they will make you feel dominated.

Uncreative design
Everyone that visits this page for the first time will definitely think that this is some sort of a blog and not a porn site, as that is how it is formatted. However, after giving it a couple of minutes of browsing, you will definitely get used to it, and you will appreciate how simple it is to navigate through the site and find what you are looking for, which makes the bad design quite irrelevant due to its effectiveness.

Membership is required
In order to get access to the content that the site offers, you will have to sign-up for a membership. There is no trial membership, which means that you will have to go for the 30-day membership for $34.95. If you want to prove what a loser and a money pig you are, then you can go for the “Loser Package” which costs $100 each month, and it doesn’t grant you any extra features, besides implying that you are a loser.

Big collection of videos
There are currently over 690 videos in full HD quality, with the newest releases being available in 4K quality as well. All of the videos feature amazing looking babes that are way out of your league, and in every video, these hotties are going to be talking down upon you while teasing you with their amazing bodies that you will never get to touch.
Some of the videos are quite humiliating, so if you don’t really have a fetish for this, you will probably find yourself offended. This type of content is also not suggested towards those who happen to be sad or depressive, as these mean girls can really hit the spot.

Frequent updates
While the selection of videos is already pretty big, there are updates three times every week, which bring new 4K videos to the site with hot babes in amazing outfits that are showing off new ways to humiliate you.

Get dominated like never before
There are quite a lot of domination porn videos out there that fall into this fetish category, however, these British bratz definitely don’t fool around, and they will show no mercy to show how useless you and your existence is.

If you happen to be turned on by something like that, then is the perfect place for you to leave your dignity at, especially if you go for the “Loser Package” mentioned earlier. Check out the site and prepared to be abused by hot babes like never before, but don’t go crying to your mom if they hurt your feelings.

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Paysite Info:

Paysite Name: British Bratz

Video count: 1000's

Photo count: None

Price 30 days: $34.95

Price 90 days: na

Video streaming: Yes

Unique content: Yes

Categories: Fetish

Live shows: No

Interesting Extra's: Access to other sites in the Network


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